Some pre-press

20 Dec

From GO Magazine


Park City, Utah

Sun, snow and cinema: come winter, Park City, Utah has all three. Just 36 scenic miles from the Salt Lake City International Airport in the magnificent Rocky Mountains, Park City is a cosmopolitan outpost surrounded by the massive Wasatch National Forest. The wilderness locale doesn’t deter the thousands of film fans who descend on the former mining town for the annual Sundance Film Festival ( an orgy of independent film screenings, industry workshops, celeb-sightings, distribution deal-signing and legendary parties. Past Sundance standouts include sex, lies and videotape, An Inconvenient Truth, Precious and The Kids Are Alright. This year’s event takes place January 20–30, 2011.

Among the notable films with gay content at Sundance 2011 include  first-time feature director Madeleine Olnek’s film Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same, a rom-com in the manner of Ed Wood (and that’s a good thing). In it, three lesbian aliens are sent to earth to explore the New York dating scene. Jane, a shy greeting-card store clerk, falls for her new bald-headed customer, Zoinx, who speaks in a bizarre monotone; yet Jane doesn’t realize she’s head-over-heels for an extraterrestrial. As their relationship blooms, they attract the attention of two government agents hot on their trail. More here.


From The Daily Cardinal:

“Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same”

A lesbian space alien, tracked by government agents, begins a relationship with an unwitting girl working at a greeting card store. I’ll admit it: it’s all about the title. It has that “Snakes On a Plane” vibe of just putting it all out there. It really could go either way but the boldness alone earns a look. More here.


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