Our first review:

25 Jan

from Rooftop Films’ blog:

“I closed out the evening with a midnight premiere screening of Madeleine Olnek’s Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same. Olnek’s very funny short therapy comedy Countertransference screened at Sundance in 2009, and her first foray into feature filmmaking really turned out well. The raucous crowd at The Library was clearly ready to enjoy the film–they were cheering and laughing from the opening credits–and it was nice to be reminded of how much fun public premiere screenings can be. And the audience had a lot to laugh about. Olnek has a genuine gift for comic dialogue, and the cast (which includes Rooftop alums Alex Karpovsky and Laura Terruso) obviously had a lot of fun with their roles. Codependent isn’t trying to break new ground cinematically–like most comedies it doesn’t try to do too much or get too cute with the form. But it’s FUNNY, and that is what counts. I am sure that it will find a cult following in the gay community, but I think the humor will play well with more mainstream audiences as well. I am really curious to see how people react to it as it plays over the next few days.”


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