Review by bitchin film reviews

30 Jan

The movie is filmed in black and white, and is proud of its minuscule budget.  As Olnek herself put it, the film is a throwback to those ultra-low budget sci-fi films of the fifties.  Although it’s mixed with the contemporary idea of codependency to make it not only hilarious, but relevant.  While it’s not an overt commentary, there’s much there about lesbians feeling like aliens, feeling displaced.  But that’s not the film’s point.

Zoinx (Susan Ziegler) is one of the aliens stuck on earth.  She falls in love with a Jane (Lisa Haas), an employee working at stationary store.  Their awkward and endearingly warm affair is the focus of the majority of the story.  There’s also a side plot involving “men in black”, who are charged with monitoring the alien situation, and keeping tabs on the extraterrestrial visitors.”

Read entire review here: Sundance – Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same.


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