Fab review in The Hollywood Reporter

5 Feb

PARK CITY — (Park City at Midnight) Tongue firmly in cheek, Madeleine Olnek‘s lesbian sci-fi comedy lovingly spoofs the black-and-white B-movies of yesteryear, complete with low-grade special effects, stiff acting and government paranoia. Sure to become a staple of festival midnight-movie programs, it should also live long and prosper on DVD and late-night TV.

Jane (Lisa Haas) is a lonely greeting-store clerk with even less going on in her dating life than in the often-deserted shop. She fills the void with an active imagination involving spaceships and aliens, although her therapist is pretty sure that visitors from beyond earth aren’t trying to contact her client — but she couldn’t be more wrong.

On the planet Zots, somewhere in the neighborhood of Saturn, nosy bureaucrats recognizable to any species in the universe are hustling Zotsians off-planet, convinced that their abundance of romantic emotions is damaging the world’s ozone layer. Banished to earth to overcome their “big feelings” by having their hearts broken by fickle earthlings, they’ll be allowed to return once they cease to pose a threat.

Read full review here


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