A random nice review

8 Feb

This movie goer likes the movie and learned a thing or two:
6. Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Same
I am amazed this movie managed to live up to the title. I really am. Really this is a the perfect combination of an indie comedy and a cheesy Ed Wood ascetic.

The story is simple. A distant planet’s ozone is depleting and they believe the culprit is big feelings. Aliens found having big feelings must go to Earth to have their heart broken by earthlings, who are apparently uniquely good at this. The story is silly but it’s surprisingly grounded in real observations. You can tell the films director/writer is a playwright because much of the humor comes from the characters rather than big gags or set pieces.
This surprisingly down to earth feel extends to the direction, where all the locations feel natural and real. When the movie goes into the more sci fi stuff, they go for the cheapest most Ed Wood like props they can find. It really has been too long since I’ve seen a flying saucer represented by a pie tin. It’s cheesy, but once again it works. The contrast of the cheesiness and the grounded real observations work perfectly together.

The acting is also solid all around. I thought I’d get sick of the alien voices really fast but I never did. They put just enough emotion behind them that they seem less gimmicky and more retro alien.

With this movie I expected a fun time and I got one. I also got a surprisingly well told story that also surprisingly subtly related being and Alien to what it’s like to be gay.


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